Jason is an audio enthusiast and sound designer working in the video game industry. He is also the developer of DevBrada - a website that catalogs game studio jobs around the world and Modular Haven - a website that helps you search for modular synths.

Technical Skills

  • Sound Design, Sound Editing
  • Game Audio Implementation
  • Re-Recording Mixer
  • Foley Artist, Engineer & Editor
  • Dialog/ADR Editing & Recording
  • Field Recording
  • Audio Restoration
  • Boom Operator, Production Sound Mixer
  • Music Editing, Recording & Composition

  • Pro Tools HD, Reaper, SoundForge
  • Audiokinetic Wwise, Fmod
  • Max/MSP, Pure Data, SuperCollider

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  • Rebellion
  • Sony
  • TSN
  • Red Square Motion
  • Echoboom
  • Ace Maddox
  • Sudden Storm Entertainment
  • KL Dream Pictures
  • Media One Creative


TIGA Games Industry Awards 2015 TIGA Games Industry Awards 2017 Develop Awards 2017 Golden Joystick Awards 2017